Khadija Emma - Empire (Official Music Video)


Born in Geneva Switzerland and raised in Los Angeles California, Khadija Emma grew up to find her love for music. Since she was a little girl Khadija Emma was fascinated and inspired by artists such as Whitney Houston. As she came to be older her love for Whitney Houston hasn’t changed but she has come to love Zendaya and Billie Eilish. They are all her major inspirations.

Khadija Emma first started getting into music when her godfather, the producer, Dallas Austin brought her to his studio in Atlanta at the age of three. He gave Khadija Emma her first piano. This was the beginning of a new journey.

Khadija Emma wrote her first song EMPIRE at the age of  9 and fully produced it at 12. The song expresses her sad and confused feelings after being bullied by other kids. She says “The lyrics just came in my head when I was sitting alone at my piano. I wondered how I could make a way to express my feelings while still being able to help and heal other people with my music”.  “Empire” is a message for all young kids and teens, trying to find their true selves and not doing something just because someone wants you to. To find their own “Empire”.


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